J. Gieo Pensoneault

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1115 Valkenburg Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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About Gieo Pensoneault

Hello, and thanks for stopping in.   As you may have guessed I am passionate about landscape and garden design.   I attribute this to my grandfather who came from northern Italy and brought with him a wife, five kids and a love of gardens.

I started off my career in media communications and television production but was continually pulled back to my love of gardens and the environment.

I completed my undergraduate education with a Bachelors in Environmental Design,  worked for the Boston Parks Department for 2 years and then came back for more punishment to complete a Masters in Landscape Architecture .

After 3 grueling in grad school, I was drawn to Colorado and worked as a foreman on multi – million dollar residential landscape projects in Vail.   After cutting my teeth working for other companies I started my own  design firm focused on outdoor living and estate garden maintenance.

When Youtube emerged in 2006 I began to produce training and marketing content for the landscape industry.   It was a marriage made in heaven, combining my love of gardens with media communications, teaching, and training.

My passion now is to help others build successful firms that have a positive impact and spread the value of quality design and outdoor living.

Previous Background and Experience

  • Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture
  • Horticulturalist for Boston Parks Department
  • Owner of a design / build company with sales of 8 million
  • 25 years experience designing and installing the landscape

J. Gieo Pensoneault is a landscape designer with over 25 years of hands on experience in the landscape industry. Gieo got started with a 2 year internship at Flower Hill Farm in Williamsburg, MA and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.