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Content Marketing + Media Production Services

Media Content to Attract and Engage Customers

The new age of digital marketing is driven by quality media content that helps customers learn about and experience before purchasing.    Our approach is to create media content campaigns that attract, engage and grow your customer lead list.

The internet is the place for customers to get  information needed to make a purchase decision.    Consumers today are aware that all the information needed is just a click away.   The challenge for the green industry  is to accept the new reality  and invest in online media that attracts and engages customers.

Our solutions include:

  • Video Production for Content Marketing
  • Video for Online Training and Product Education
  • Staff Training for In house Media Production

A Library of Landscape Video Content

Customizable Library of Landscape Video Content

The cost to produce high quality video for website marketing is high and that’s why we created Content Garden.

We offer access to our library of short form video content that can be placed on any website to attract and engage visitors with outdoor living ideas.   This video is streamed to your website on a high speed Bright Cove media play list that can be customized for your client base.

Examples of the Video Content Available Include:

  • How to Install Flagstone Patios
  • Naturalized Water Features
  • Fire Features in the Outdoor Environment
  • Designing for a Sloped Landscape
  • Building Stone Walls

Website and Landing Page Development

Websites and Landing Pages Developed –  Fast and Easy

A website is the first place new clients go when deciding to engage your services…. or not.    Over 75% of all purchasing decisions start with an online search and if your website is not up to current standards you are missing out on client opportunities.

We provide three website development service packages including a DIY option that starts at just $397.00

Our Affordable Website Service Options Include:

  • DIY with a Custom WordPress Website for Landscape Companies.
  • Done with You Services –  We Complete the Layout and Coding
  • Enterprise Level Custom Websites for Product Distributors