Creating Garden Environments for Outdoor Living

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A New Way of Seeing

Historically the landscape has been designed as something pretty to look at, like a painting. With modern lifestyle so often physically disconnected from nature, I believe a higher purpose for landscape design is to recapture this connection by creating outdoor living space that is "wrapped" into a garden environment.

This approach is about creating outdoor space where the theater of living can unfold. This talk and training focus on seeing landscapes from a view of creating space for activity and relaxation. In this approach the plants and hardscape become elements of enclosure that define space and connect people to the natural environment.

J. Gieo Pensoneault, MLA.

Outdoor Living Expert

Like many designers, I was initially attracted to the landscape arts by an allure of plants and beauty of the garden. As I've developed a design aesthetic over 25 plus years, I now undertake landscape design with an eye to creating space for the activities of life to unfold within.

My design approach is to establish void space for circulation and protected space for the areas to stop and be at rest. In this approach I choreograph an experience that puts people into close relationship with the natural environment.

The New American Landscape Channel

J. Gieo Pensoneault, Host and Producer

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