About Us

Elevating the Art of Landscape Design

Our Purpose

The New American Landscape Channel provides online training, coaching and business consulting to help our clients step into top ranks of the green industry. Our purpose is to expand awareness for innovative ideas in design, construction and successful business practice.  

Our classes provide training for professionals to work in the landscape with a higher level of design, horticulture and business skill.

Through online media, consulting and live events we seek to raise design standards and appreciation for the art of landscape design.

Our Passion

We believe in a new wave of environmental stewardship that requires living in alignment with natural systems. Rather than landscape as a something just to look at like a pretty picture, we provide skills to create sublime outdoor environments for everyday living.

We believe that sustainable living practices receive higher regard as people embrace art, beauty and a closer connection to nature. Outdoor living space and gardens are the vehicles that encourage this awareness.

Landscape professionals and dedicated garden enthusiasts are in the best position to educate and implement on the choices for a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Resource Engine

We believe that small scale local business facilitates a prosperity that uplifts families and creates thriving communities. For this reason, our resource engine is delivering online classes, live training and marketing services to empower success in the green industry.